KMSpico 10.2.1 Windows 10 Activator and Office Activator

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Activate both Windows 10 and Microsoft Office with one Activator!

Kmspico is the best and latest activator to activate all Microsoft windows and office versions. With this activator, you can activate windows versions that came after windows XP. And all Microsoft office versions after office 2007

2020 Update

Now you can activate Microsoft office 2019 package using our latest version 11.0.1

Steps for the Activation Process

  • IMPORTANT: if you have antivirus protection, make sure to disable it temporarily, and If you are using windows 10 Turn off Windows Defender for few minutes. (because antivirus software blocking the modification of windows registry files, in that case, you won’t be able to activate windows or office.
  • Download setup from above.
  • Password = 2016
  • Firstly run the installer, then it will automatically start the patch.
  • Complete the patch installation.
  • Reboot your pc and enjoy the fully activated windows.


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Supported Windows versions and Office Versions

        • Microsoft Windows 10
        • Microsoft Windows 8.1
        • Microsoft Windows 8
        • Microsoft Windows 7
        • Microsoft Windows Vista
        • Microsoft Office 2019
        • Microsoft Office 2016
        • Microsoft Office 365
        • Microsoft Office 2013
        • Microsoft Office 2010
        • Microsoft Office 2007

Working proof





        • Genuine license this activation is the same as the Microsoft license you getting by paying money. You can use any kind of windows updates, online apps, and Microsoft live account or any product releasing by Microsoft.
        • Lifetime activation this is not a trial activation like for 30 days; this activation is permanent. You don’t need to repeat installation within a time to tome.
        • Fully updated – this activator is frequently updating by team Daz developers to keep the genuine windows license without getting detected.
        • Supports 32 Bit / 64 Bit – This Activator supports both 32 bit & 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office.
        • 100% Clean – this tool is doesn’t contain any harmful viruses or threats.
        • Totally free – You don’t have to pay even a cent to activate your windows or Microsoft office.

This is the latest activation software developed by team Daz, and this is the most famous and trusted windows activation tool all around the world.
The Daz team published the first version in 2007 that can only activate windows 7 and vista.
With the release of Windows 8 and 8.1, they developed version 9 that can also activate Microsoft office. And this was the first tool that can activate two different products.
The latest version is 11 that can activate any windows or office version so far.

Team Daz
Team Daz is an ethical hacking team that has developed lots of popular software hacks and cracks such as windows 7 loader, office 2003, office 2007, IDM crack, universal office activator, etc. They have released more than 100 free cracks and patches.

Necessary: If you like MS Windows and MS Office please buy legal and original.this program help to test these products, but recommend you buy legal from creators.

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  • Basil Joy

    Normally all other activators can activate products only for 180 days this permanent activation or for 180 day

    • Team Daz®

      Yes it is a permanent activation

  • zainab

    Can it activate office 2016?

    • Team Daz®

      Yes it can be used to activate any version of Microsoft office

  • RaFi

    I have downloaded “kmspico Portable” version from other website.
    And there aren’t any uninstall program of kmspico in “Control Panel > Programs and features”.
    Can I fully remove it now?
    Please help !!!!!!!!

  • Sercvcour

    Even on a iMac where I installed Windows 10 with Parallels, then Office 2016, everything is perfectly working ….
    That’s a Masterpiece !
    Felicitations from France to Monsieur DAZ

  • jag

    worked for my office 2016

  • Andrew

    Exactly its working

  • David

    Can i use this version to activate my windows 10 enterprise or please send me the link to my email for windows 1o enterprise.


    • DAZ

      You can get windows 10 enterprise from official Microsoft website. you can either directly upgrade or download and install. after that you can use kmspico11 to activate the windows.

  • Partha Sarathi

    I activated my Windows by Kmspico11 But I have a one question . There is any chances to hack my Pc by others for this type of activation?

  • kobe

    I have an activated windows, and I want to activate only office 365, can this be done?

  • Darshn

    I tried installing this software, when opened the software says nothing to here and Exists !!!

    Am I doing anything wrong???

    • DAZ

      May be your virus guard has detected as a threat and damaged the file, download the tool after temporally pausing the protection for a while.

  • princeadnan

    great good one to activate windows and ms office 2019 thank you

  • Sar

    Hi, after activation windows 10 pro,
    Coming updates affect the activation?

    • DAZ

      No you can use any windows update after activation with kmspico, its always better to enable auto updates.

  • Wolfi

    Hi, how can i run “registry_activision” file? And running it is necessary for install KMSpico?

    • DAZ

      It will start right after installation of kmspico 10.2.2 setup and it is necessary for the activation process.

  • aung

    hi it is just comment to be commented if comment section is not fake.

  • Software Industry

    One the best website ever guys i do trust in it this software …….

  • CalebCreep


    Is KMSpico 10.2.2 portable version available please?

    • DAZ

      Yeah you can download it from here.

  • please no nane

    You really “save” people that are in need.
    trust me on this one.


    I have just downloaded the product and it has worked wonderfully. thanks a lot.

  • ondery

    I would love to support this product

  • sultan

    this file is virus free. great tool

  • Thinh

    How long does this activation last ? Temporary or forever ?

    • DAZ

      it lasts until you reinstall windows.

  • Vinny

    Checking if this comments are real

  • Aman

    Hi Guys,
    So Simple and super fast. Thanks.
    My Windows 10 ‘properties’ says Activated; but the activation notification is still showing up and the Office 2016 is not activated. Please advise

    • DAZ

      Uninstall your current version of kmspico and reinstall and activate from the latest version.

  • randy

    Thanks for the developer I haven’t try it yet but based on comments I am convinced that this one works like a charm for me too. God Bless.

  • Sabse

    My Windows 10 is genuine. Can I use this to activate Office 2013?

  • ClashRoyale69


    Couldn’t download it from any other site

  • Checking if this is a fake comment section or not

    If this appears, comment section is genuine.

  • Cheng Li

    It has always been activated by this! Very good software, I like it very much!

  • Testing

    This is a comment that should be posted if this comment section is not fake.

  • Faker

    make the download icon bigger please,its really hard to find XD

  • Kowalski

    I think i finally found the official KMS site, OMG, years searching this!

  • Just checking

    This is a comment that should be posted if this comment section is not fake.

  • peterson

    iIlove this it worked. Nice one team you saved the day

  • Esteban

    The pass is 2016


    the zip file is asking pasowrd to extract plaese tellme

    • DAZ


      • Dan

        Hi I love the product you did an awesome job! I downloaded the latest version 10.2.2 because it would do everything .Thanks Dan

  • Liam

    Wow! This works very well! I actually tried it with Vista Through 10 and it worked every time! Great program! Keep it up TeamDaz!

  • Justin

    You should setup a dontation page for keeping this updated

    • DAZ

      Thanks for your support justin we just doing this for free

  • obedah

    can i update my windows after use kmspico without any problems?

  • real

    Is it for real? Will my comment be published?

  • Janek

    100% legit

  • Jamal_Khan

    It is very best activator comparison to other

  • Hari

    Yes it is, you can activate any windows 10 version with this activator.

  • Sominath Shelke

    It works really great software

  • Takahara

    Hi guys. Can anyone tell me does KMS works on Apple?

    If i install Office will it work as activation?


    • DAZ

      If you running windows os instead of mac os yes ofcourse it works.

  • Harry

    Is this working for expired window 8

  • Teekay

    Hey It works pefectly, Go KMSpico, Go!!

  • Mickey

    You should add Office Home and Student 2016 crack in KMSPico. I am not using all the apps of Office and update time of ProPlus is too lengthy so if I install Home and Student version and crack it then it fulfill my needs.

  • bala

    i already have windows 10 original version.. So i want activate office 2016 only it is possible. i dont want to lose my original OS.

    • DAZ

      it is possible you can activate office package without changing any operating system. changes

  • pepal

    This program is great, but you have to install it carefully.

  • Chris

    No donation button? Best program I’ve been used it for years!!

  • Sue

    1) I have already WinPro 10 and MS Office 2013 activated on my PC by the dealer, can I use KMS to activate just MS Office 2016?
    2) Where I can get reliable copy for MS Office 2016 installation? Is offline installer from MS website? – but it requires sign in into MS account… Can I use copy from, please?
    Thanks a lot!

  • Benjamine

    Hi friends, I’m running a genuine version of windows 10 on my laptop which came along when I bought this laptop…i only got the trial version of Office 365…I just uninstalled it now…Can I use this kmspico patch for activating my Office 2016 which I’m about to install? …or will that mess up with my genuine version of my windows 10… please help me !!

  • Suyash

    Thanks Daz Developers.You Guys are the best

  • retsu

    Thanks Daz legend of the win loader,,

  • Moza

    can i ask about the previous version..? (portable version)
    i have genuine Win 10 and already activated,
    i just want to activate Office, So i execute kmsPico.exe. . (it works.)
    Does that will affect or changed my Windows license that already activated before?

    Thanks in advance. 😉

    • DAZ

      No it dosent affect windows if it is already active.

  • Iftikhar Ahmed

    Dear team DAZ,
    Can I activate windows 7 ultimate 64bit. plz tell me

  • Shaik Khaleel

    Can it activate office professional plus 2016?

  • Rafi

    It really works with my original 64-bit Windows 10 :)

  • Mack

    Worked perfectly fine…. Great work :)
    Thanks a lot

    Do you also provide similar patches for Linux softwares too ?

  • Md. Kamruzzaman

    Such a great tool for windows lovers. Thanks a lot to DAZ team for their awesome works.

  • Andrew damn

    hey, developers!
    Thanks a lot for this activator. Activated my windows like a boss.
    Thanks a lot again! 😀

  • Ivan

    Thanks a lot. I actually bought a Windows 7 license, but recently, for some reason, it failed. And this is the perfect solution so I don’t have to buy it again, ty!

  • Bilal

    It asked password to open for setup to start why it happens for my trial?

    • DAZ

      password is mentioned in the file name

  • DAZ

    it has mentioned in the file name of rar file

  • Rahul

    can i use in window 10 enterprise 2015 edition..

  • Tunde

    I can not open the rar file , what is a password?

  • Kenneth

    Its asking for a password when Im trying to extract it

  • manuel cotrina

    muy bueno el activador

  • Dr Barbz

    I downloaded it but it shows KMspico 10.2.2.iso
    Is it supposed to be so?
    I want to be sure before I run on my laptop

    • DAZ

      yes Barbz open the iso file, then you can see the kmspico setup.

  • Salma

    does this work for mac?

    • DAZ

      It works only for windows system. if you are running windows in your mac yes it work. it won’t work on mac os.

  • tarun

    will it work on the pro version of windows 10??

  • John

    Hello Daz. Thanks for the tool.

  • Ciocsy

    Thank you….what happening if I enabling Antivirus,after activated Windows….!?

    • DAZ

      You should enable virusguard after installation.

  • Alex

    Kmsauto or kmspico which is the best u create so far …DAZ?

    • Alex

      Sorry asking u again ….so after i install the window 10 kmspico software…can i still updating the window 10 software….just like the window7loader…. keep updating no problem…

  • Gary

    Thanks so much,, I activated two computers to win 10 pro, and they both work great…

  • Jeff

    Hey DAZ!

    First of all, thanks.

    Second… link is broken once again.

  • Mikeyd

    love ya software Windows 10 pro activator

  • Md alleser

    This programs is working correct right now, Thanks to all the team of s/w developer.

  • hamanth

    where to download ms office 2016?
    please give the link to download latest ms office…

    • DAZ

      you can Download it from official Microsoft website.

  • Carding

    Hi will this activate the MS OFFICE 2013 PRO PLUS on my genuine Windows 10 ? :)

  • Punyacharan

    I have genuine windows 10 OS and unactivated MS office 2013. If I install this, will this cause any problem to my OS?

    • DAZ

      No punyacharan, if windows is activated it only affect for windows you can just activate ms office.

  • Matheus

    I need this!!!

  • Aspirational

    Hey Daz! I have used this app before but I accidentally uninstalled it by following the instructions of the Antivirus. But the link seems to be broken. It is an amazing creation and it still workss perfectedly.

    Greatest thanks,

  • Michael Indra S

    Hi Daz,

    The download link in sendspace is dead. Could you provide the new one ? Bunch of thanks !

  • Skella

    Hi, i have windows 7 professional 32bit, and i wanna activate my Microsoft office 2013 professional, is this gonna work for me?


    • DAZ

      yes it works perfectly for office 2013.


    Hey team DAZ! You are the greatest and your software. I activated my Windows 10 Home and Office 2016 using this amazing software.

  • Lotus

    Hi, I already have W10 activated with official license. I just need to activate Office 2013. If I install this tool, in addition to activating Office 2013, will it also remove the existing W10 activation and re-activate? I want to keep the existing W10 activation if I can.

    • DAZ

      Hi. It’s not a problem if your windows is active it wont affect with kmspico anymore you can activate office 2013 without any harm to windows activation.

  • Ibrahim

    Hi Daz,

    Thanks for the tool.
    With windows update, will activation expire? I really need the windows update function to be working.

    • DAZ

      Hi ibrahim, you can use windows updates after activation with kmspico.

  • Mamta

    Hi DAZ team,
    Thank you for providing this amazing tool.

  • humberto

    I have win 10 and is activated; my problem is with office 365, isn´t activated.
    Can KMSpico help me ? I only want to activate the office.

    • DAZ

      yes it does not matter windows is already activated. just install kmspico to activate office

  • Himon

    Nice stuff! It worked perfectly for me.

  • OpenWorld

    Thanks for the program… Don’t worry about malware its clean.
    Thank you

  • Leon Unger

    My W10 is the message that my product key will end soon
    My W10 is version 1607. A already have KMSPico V 10.1.9
    This version works with my windows build ?
    Best regards

  • roop

    i activated office 2013. thanks

  • Manoj Kumar

    Dear Team Daz,
    I’m trying to download the KMSPico tool but the link is dead. Can you please provide alternate link ?

    • DAZ

      Fixed it, you can download now.

  • Ayon

    Did not work when I trying to activate Win7, others above 8 are fine.

  • राकेश मोरे

    thank you very much……..i love you….i spent entire day trying different methods…and at the end of the day your thing worked… R E S P E C T

  • naveen

    OMG this actualy worked well and there is no expire date its lifetime bitch 😀

  • ZO


  • happy

    will i able to get latest updates from microsoft if i use kmspico to activate my windows 10?

    • DAZ

      Yes after activation you can use any kind of windows update

  • kailash chaudary

    “It works really” !!!!!!!!!
    Nice application for windows 10 activation
    Thank you kmspico team

  • Alex

    Nevermind, it’s working! Thanks!

  • HARI

    Anyone tried for MS office 2016

  • Ash

    Will i be able to activate Windows 10 enterprise (evaluation copy) by KMSpico? Will i be able to receive official windows updates in future?

    • DAZ

      Yes KMSpico is compatible with any windows 10 version and you can use any official updates also without any problem.

  • Harold

    It really works!!!! You can sign in in your office and you can use the Microsoft store and you can use your Windows defender.

  • Jim

    Hi, can i use windows 10’s update after the activation from kmspico?

  • JOJO

    hellow I have windows 10 pro it’s actually activated but it’s still come msg ”your windows is expire soon” on april 2017 contact your administrator
    what I do install this software or wait for after the expiration date……help

    • DAZ

      You can either wait or install kmspico now, it works any way :)

  • Undying

    can’t wait to download this activator for my windows 10 pro on my lap about to buy.


    Eu usei-o. Bom ativador

  • Florencio

    Does this works on Microsoft’s windows 10 official ISO?

  • Jacky

    I’ve tried many other tools with similar function, but they are either difficult to use or just malwares. But this one is really good.
    Thank you very much for your effort!

  • art

    kmspico.iso how to open it?

    • DAZ

      Double click on it then you can see the exe file.

  • gma

    Can it work with office 16

    • DAZ

      Yes it works with office 2016

  • Ladislav

    Please, this download link is not working anymore. Can you please send me another direct link? To email or here. Thanks :)

    • DAZ

      Sorry for disturbance we have fixed the link.
      Thank you!!

  • Bkp1973

    Kmspico 10.2.2 is lastest version?

  • Mgc

    Hi, my anti virus quarantines the file as soon as downloaded even before running it. So, I can’t access it. Is it safe to disable my AV before download?

    • DAZ

      Yes it is safe. Kmspico tool need to change some system files it self, Antivirus guards won’t give access to those files and now ms company knows about kmspico and they are trying to block kmspico in every way they can. thats why.

  • NickNack

    Hi does this nice Tool work on Server 2016?

  • shivam


  • Luwis

    Grateful to see all the comments , thanks it will surely work on my 64bit windows 10 home.

  • kk

    Cool cool

  • sahil

    great app!i activate my win. 10,it works well

  • DK

    thank you, i used it to activate my windows10 pro and office 2016 !
    really helpful

  • ambar

    please tell me how to run iso image

    • DAZ

      Double click on iso file, then you can see the kmspico setup

  • Shailendra

    Thank u sir, I have activated Ms office pro 2016 through kms activator.
    And I wont to know can I on autoupdate ms office or disable,
    Pls Reply

    • DAZ

      No need disable,You can use auto updates.

  • Oscar Lara

    I’m about to purchase parts for a computer. Once I build the computer, I want to boot up windows 10 on it, once I click the “skip” button for the windows 10 activation key, I download this and follow instructions to activate it?

  • songping


    • DAZ

      Thanks for appreciation, i got what you mean by google translate. No need for such thing buddy your thoughts are more than enough.

  • Legger0

    Thanks Bro!

  • allan

    after the patch download and installation ..can I activate againg my anti virus?

    • DAZ

      Yes you should activate antivirus after restart your pc.

  • Sabari Nathan

    Does it need internet for installing

    • DAZ

      It’s better because if there is any updates available it will automatically get them too.

  • ...


    Thank you for KMSPico

    Great work!

  • anonymous

    will this works on window 10 education Anniversary Update?

  • sohaib bhat

    I had bought a new windows 10 hp laptop and it had come with a pre installed office 365 with 1 month subscription, but I want to activate office permanently for free. will this tool able to do it.

    • DAZ

      Yes kmspico can activate Windows and MSoffice products aswell.

  • MRchen


  • fjweioj1

    My windows 10 home activation is going to expire. Should I wait for the deactivation or I can use KMSpico right now.

    • DAZ

      It doesn’t matter, you can wait or not. once you install kmspico your windows 10 is genuine as official license.

  • Winston Wilches Alvarez

    Lo voy a probar con el oficce 2016 muchas gracias

  • hasan


  • Johan Dulac

    I bought my laptop second hand with Windows10 Pro with original MS license and MS Office 2016 activated by KMSpico and it (MS Office) works fine.
    2 questions:
    1. How can I check that MS Office is regularly updated?
    2. MS Office is offering to register with Microsoft to benefit from “all possibillities, extra support etc.”Is there any risk in doing this?

    • DAZ

      There is no risk to register with MS after activation with KMSPico, this activation is genuine as the official license.

      For regular updates you can enable automatic update easily for MS Office.

  • omprakash doley

    It works for me, thank you so much.

  • Susil

    Hi actually i want to know will it reactivate windows again if it is activated already?

    • DAZ

      Hi Susil. It wont affect to reactive os, If your windows is already active then you dont need to install kmspico.

  • asef

    this is my best kmspico software

  • Angelo

    What if I only wanted to activate my MS Office not my Windows itself?

    • DAZ

      If windows is already active it wont affect for windows.

    • yuri plisetsky

      you can

  • Martin

    Thanks daz team you are great

  • Stelios

    Hi Daz team, I ‘m trying to download the activation tool from and the link is dead. Any news on when it might be available for download again? Is it possible to send me the rar file via email if there is going to be a long delay? Thanks!

    • DAZ

      Thanks for the alert buddy, we have fixed the link now you can download it :)

  • Patange Kaustu

    Thank you.. gyzz helped me a there any way to donate to you…i mean it will a thanks giving from me donating to???

    • DAZ

      No need buddy thanks for the compliment. Enjoy the tool :)

  • Julien

    Hi. Thx for this amazing website. I have a question. I have a new laptop. I see in my settings that the windows 10 is activated but my office 365 is unlicensed, not activated. so if I install kmspico, will it just activate my office without causing any trouble to my windows already activated???? thx

    • DAZ

      yes you can activate office, it will not affect windows if it is already active.

      • Julien

        thx a lot sir. I appreciate.

  • Vishal

    Nice software sir

  • Chika

    Can I used it in my Windows 10 pro version?

  • alican

    rar password ?

    • DAZ

      Password is mentioned on the rar file name.

  • Viktorija

    I got it setup, but it was in a zip file which i couldnt open ?

    • DAZ

      Apply the password mentioned in the file name to open the zip file.

  • Sam

    Daz !
    I am Dazzled!!!

    Thanks dude.there aren’t any malicious softwares installed in them. Is there any way to support you guys,
    U just rocked

  • Pronay


  • uRiBiTo666

    Cannot believe it actually worked!! i just activated Windows 10 Pro and it works perfectly. I was skeptical since the UI is pretty bad since it looks like a ton of images from Google, but it worked perfectly.

  • djamai

    c’est fantastique.Merci

  • rajasekar

    nice man god bless u

  • Adam

    Awesome!!! Thank you!!! It works!!! Got office 2016 for FREE!!

  • Christina

    Hi there,
    I was very happy to find this website to activate both my Windows 10 Pro and Microsoft Office with one Activator.
    Thanks in advance.


  • Alex


  • Tyson

    Hey thanks for this

  • The Jackal

    Best Activation App ever.hail KMSpico

  • Manikana

    fr me its wrking

  • roomboys

    great man gooood work ……

  • Diego

    Does it work with office 365???

  • Gob

    Super app

  • garry

    hi daz :)
    will this works on window 10 pro Anniversary Update v1607 64 BIT?

  • shyam

    Working great. I have upgraded from win 7 to win 10 and after that I used ksmpico activation.

  • Hans van der Moolen

    works great, thanks man!

  • deliric

    pretty good

  • Ayaz

    wow ……incrediblie

  • henrique

    muito bom!

  • Gren

    I’ll try it..

  • rafh miliano

    my window is activated but not ms office 16 so will this wrks for that??

  • kaushik dutt

    it’s damn awesome software i ever had. it just helped me a lot.

  • ketsavanh

    very good……

  • Joseph C Tamilselvan

    Its cool & so useful to me. Thank you……….

  • Avg

    Kms pico doesn’t fail me. From 2010, 2013 and now 2016.

  • Muhammad Talha

    It even works on Windows 10 !!! Yeah!!!!

  • bounyang

    This is a good activator for any windows

  • Ishwor

    Dear developers,

    I used this software before two years to install office 2013 and windows 8.1 and it stills works without any failure. But now that there is an update from the Microsoft of 2016 and win 10. Can I use the same program to again up my office 2013 to 2016 and win 8.1 to 10.

    Please, reply me soon.

    I believe this was the only program that great for me.THANKS!!!!!

    • DAZ

      Yes Ishwor download the latest version from this site. Thanks for the appreciation

  • Andrew

    Can i use windows update after kmspico installation ?

  • Benny

    If I activate Office 2016 with KMSpico, can I use its online features? Can I sign in on Word?

    • DAZ

      hi benny. yes you can this is same as genuine license.

  • Emmanuel

    hi Daz, my windows 10 enterprise is workng fyn…tanX bt the question is this a forever permanent activation????

    • DAZ

      Yes Emmanuel this is valid until you reinstall windows. so it is permanent.

  • Tushar bharadwaj

    And my search completes here.

  • adamu

    keep up the good job

  • Elisabeth

    works great, thanks man! ))

  • john

    THanks bro!!

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    Thanks, works allright!

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    Awesome! Worked for me!

  • Kaustubh Patange

    First Class app. Very helpful thank you very much..

  • zain

    thanks its wonder full

  • joe bonded

    very well

  • Rohit

    Hey DAZ…… ur kmspico download link doesnt work for me…. could u plz tell me how i download this software…

    • DAZ

      Sorry for the inconvenience, Link is now working

  • Fuad Hasan

    You guys are super ….awesome software

  • Nasir


  • Vipul

    Can it activate IDM?

    • DAZ

      No you canot activate internet download manager with kmspico.

  • Prakash

    Guys is it work on Windows 10 pro

  • shri

    I activet window 10 pro 64 bit version 10240 with kmspicco , can i update window 10 version 1511 november update

    • DAZ

      You can use any windows update.

  • Collen

    hope it works, just downloaded it.

  • Edve


  • Frank Lee Madd

    Wow. Haven’t seen the name DAZ in like forever, but still have copies of your Loader in multiple locations just in case. So good to see you’re still putting your skillz to good use. Keep up the good work, amigo.

  • bob

    i hope this works just downloaded it

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  • Abdelito

    What a surprise to see that it’s so easy to use it !!

    Congrats developpers you are the best !!

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    works very well!!

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    its so good and perfect thank u all im really do thankfull and so glad for all of your team

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    Thanks in advance.

    • DAZ

      yes you can activate Office 2013 and it wont affect to windows if already activated.

  • Pankh

    Hi Daz…

    Thanks for sharing,
    also using this tool should I activate Windows 10 Pro 64 bit?

    • DAZ

      Yes it support for any windows 10 version

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      If your windows already activated it wont’t affect.

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    • DAZ

      no you can activate office, if your windows already genuine it won’t affect.

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    • DAZ

      yes you can with the latest update.

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    • DAZ

      No just open the kmspico and click the avtivate button again, and re start your pc.

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      Hi Asim, There are no any portable versions of kmspico.

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    • DAZ

      Yes you can activate with kmspico.

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    Can i activate microsoft office 2013 32bit version with this activator?

    • DAZ

      As i already mentioned in the post our activator supports Microsoft office versions between 2007 and 2013.
      so answer is Yes..

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        Can it activate office 2016?

        • DAZ

          Yes the latest version can activate the Microsoft office-2016

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    • DAZ

      Yes this is the latest one and we are freaquently updating this activator.

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    It’s really awesome. It works for me. But one question , can I uninstall the kmspico from my pc after activation?? . Please answer

    • DAZ

      You cant uninstall the kmspico after activation. you should keep installed this activator to keep tour windows activated. once you uninstall the kmspico your activation will be lost.

      • VIet Bui


        • Oliur Rahman

          You can uninstall it as the computer will read it as an threat, but just re download it when the activation runs out!

          • m1garand

            actually you can’t uninstall it as kmspico runs in the background as a process to continue making windows a genuine copy. If you disable it, or uninstall it, you no longer have an active license

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    But, KMSPico didn’t fail to amaze me!

    KMSPico developers,
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    (will surely recommend KMSPico to my friends!)

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