KMSPico Password

Password for KMSpico zip file which is officially released by team daz is (2016)

This is the only password we use for every version of activators and other utilities published by teamdaz. This will be a one key tip to identify a genuine activator released by us.

Why we provide a zipped file?

We always intended to provide our tools by a zip file which helps to reduce the file size a bit by compressing the files. There is always more than one file to download likewise setup exe file and installation guide by a txt file and some patch files and it is pretty easy to make a one file to download other than giving all files separately. And also when it is a zip file there is a lesser chance to file get corrupt.

Why password?

It is just to make the file little bit more secure.

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  • Dele Adelakun

    I downloaded but could not open it because of the password. I have used 12345, 2016 and and none worked. What is the coprrect password to be used

    • Team Daz®

      2016 is the only password we use

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