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windows 11 activator kmspico

About Windows 11 Activator – KMSPico 11.2.1

It’s a fact that when it comes to activating windows and offices, kmspico is the first thing that comes to your mind.
And that has been proven by millions of people around the globe, keep blissfully accepting kmspico as a secure activation method for over a decade now.
And as creators of this vital tool, Teamdaz® has gained a massive reputation among users. 


About Windows 11 

Windows 11 is the latest operating system that prevailed to the public by Microsoft Corporation on October 5, 2021.

This operating system is super user-friendly, plus loaded with a vast range of new tools and apps which ease your work more interestingly with an eye-catchy modernized interface.


What is Windows 11 Activator KMSPico 

KMSPico is an amazing tool compatible with most of all Microsoft Products, From the research done by Teamdaz, they could find out the majority of KMSPico users use kmspico to activate Microsoft Windows 10 and Microsoft office packages.

And here comes the good news. Teamdaz has developed kmspico 11.2.1 with the new advanced key management system update so now easily get activate windows 11 as well as many other Microsoft products with all features enabled.


How to use Windows 11 activator kmspico

The procedure remains as same as the previous versions of kmspico.

Before you proceed with the downloading of the kmspico setup, take the necessary precaution to disable windows defender’s real-time virus and threat protection for a few minutes along with any antivirus software you have already installed.

That is only because the kmspico activator needs access to some Windows registry files to validate kms (Key management servers) through the process of the activation of the Windows operating system.

when windows defender or any virus guards identified this tool is about to interfere with the Windows registry, it will block the download or will detect kmspico as a threat at the installation.

How to pause real-time protection

Download and install Windows 11 Activator KMSPico
  1. If you don’t have Win-RAR install it first
  2. Download Windows 11 Activator by visiting

    “KMSPico 11.2.1 page”

  3. Extract the zip file using the kmspico password = 2016
  4. Run the setup file as an administrator
  5. after installation open the kmspico app
  6. Just click the red button
  7. restart your computer to finalize the activation


Downloads Today: 4326
Last Updated: 1 days ago.


KMSPico 11.2.1 Supported Windows 11 Versions

  • Windows 11 Home
  • Windows 11 Pro
  • Windows 11 Education
  • Windows 11 Enterprise
  • Windows 11 Pro Education
  • Windows 11 Pro for Workstations
  • Windows 11 Mixed Reality


Other methods to activate Windows 11 other than Windows 11 activator kmspico


  • You are lucky if you already have officially purchased Windows 10 then you can upgrade to Windows 11 easily for free by just running an update. Download or upgrade to Windows 11
  • You can try your luck by surfing around the internet for a free license key but you will probably end up with nothing use full. There are many license keys published by many websites but the possibility of those keys going to work is pretty close to null.
  •  There are many other activators to try out such as ms-toolkit, windows loader, or remove wat. Even though there are many activators, kmspico is the one we highly recommend.

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13 thoughts on “Windows 11 Activator – KMSPico by Teamdaz®”

    1. yes you should turn it back on again and yes you can uninstall if you don’t want to keep it in your PC.

  1. What about Office Pro Plus retail 2021? Not even on the list of what it activates. Do not want to downgrade to office 2016, like most of these activators do.

    1. That downgrade scenario you pointing to is always happening when you trying to activate with license keys. since KMSpico uses validation of kms servers for the activation there won’t be any kind of downgrading.

  2. This activator is legit and clean but the Microsoft is always said that it is dangerous for you. yes, it may be right but I have no choice at the present period. whatever, I thank you very much.

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